Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not Liking It

Grrr...do you know how many of these crochet hooks I've thrown away because Eli steals them and destroys them? Well, I don't know either, but it's a LOT! These are my favorite hooks to crochet with, but I just can't afford it anymore.

I bought these two books for $1 each at JoAnn's yesterday. There are a lot of really good recipes that I'm going to try during the holidays this year. Of course, I'll share them with you.

This picture made me laugh. Sammi just makes me laugh all the time because she's so goofy-looking. She's the best dog ever though...not a bit of trouble and very quiet and mild mannered. I know a lot of people think pugs are ugly, but when they're yours, they are so darn cute it hurts!


I've gotten seven rows done on the grotto blanket, but I don't think I like it. I may frog it and pick another pattern. What do you think of that bit of fickleness? I'm not making an entire blanket that I don't like though. It's too expensive and takes so much time. I'm not enjoying doing the pattern much either. It's just too weird.

That's it. I've decided I'm frogging it.


I watched the memorial service for the Ft. Hood victims today and cried and cried. Ugh. I wouldn't have watched it, but I just happened to be on a channel that was carrying it live. I'm so freakin' empathetic that I shouldn't watch stuff like that. It hurts too much.

And speaking of the Army, I don't know if I told y'all for sure that my son has joined. He barely made the age limit, dammit, before it was too late. He leaves January 19th. Did I tell y'all this? It seems like I did, but I don't remember. I'm trying not to think about it and push it out of my mind every time I do. I just can't think or talk about it right now. I'll have plenty of time for thinking and fretting after boot camp when he goes to Iraq or Afghanistan. GAH. I don't want to talk about it. Just don't even mention it, okay? Forget I said anything. I'll talk about it later if I need to, but don't count on it. I'm serious...NO COMMENTS about it please!

I'm off to rip out my crochet work and start over. Bye.


  1. Sammy is too cute. I just love her to pieces!

    What is frogging?

    I wouldn't have been able to watche the Ft. Hood thing either. I cry at Leave It To Beaver reruns.

  2. “Frogging” is a crochet term to use when you have to rip out a bunch of stitches that you’ve done. “Rip-it, Rip-it, Rip-it, sounds like Ribbit-Ribbit like what a frog says. That’s how it was explained to me anyway!

  3. At least you have the excuse the dog eat your hooks... My couch seems to do that. I'm always getting new ones...grrrrrrr....

    Had a bad, bad experience over at our JoAnn's today. Don't know why I go there. All the registers worked, but they were taking no credit cards only cash.... long, long lines... nightmare... but did get some sale holidaly yarn...

    I totally get the grotto things. It did seem like a yarn eater to me too. Which might be good as I'm using up the Circus Parade on a scarf. I don't blame you for frogging. Let me know what you pick. I'm just started on a Holiday one with the pattern in Crochet World Dec. 09. Ribbon Candy.. not my name.. we shall see what I end up calling it. So far so good, but will be glad to only look at it during the season and then into a box it will go till the next year.

    Bummer.. thought I was getting Taco Soup out of the freezer this morning, but it's chili...

    Ripple On,

  4. Hi Pammy!

    Those are my favorite hooks also!!! Then comes Addi, my second favorite...:-)

    Yes, Frogging is done in both knitting and crochet. I heard it first when I was knitting.

    ~ Susan

  5. Sammy is so cute I love the fact she is sunning herself with her eyes closed that is way too funny. I just met a neighbor at my dads apartment she just got the cutest dog she is half poodle and shih tzo and will be train for a service dog working in nursing homes and possibilty vets too her name is Racie May and cute as a button very loveable. Oh how I miss not being able to have a dog.
    well I can enjoy your fur babies from a distance. Take care my friend.

  6. The only one in our family who owns a "lighted" hook is the Bean! I think she got it for Christmas last year. I like using it, when I can sneak it without her finding out. I'm kinda hung up on the Susan Bates bamboo-handled hooks. I love how they feel in my hand, but if I get to flyin' too fast, the wood part seems to get sweaty and/or sticky.

    I love Sammi. I don't think Pugs are ugly at all. Their faces have such cute expressions. I wonder what we would get if we crossed a snub-nosed Pug with a long-nosed Greyhound??? That vision makes me giggle!! :)

  7. Sammi made me laugh out loud! I'm at work so I made heads turn...shhh! tee hee!


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