Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Find of the Year

We went to several garage sales last Saturday morning and look at the great find...

For keeping my crochet yarn and stuff in while I crochet. PLUS...

All this stuff was inside it! Some embroidery thread and supplies, two packages of sewing needles, a fabric hook holder containing one H hook, a fabric thing that hangs across the arm of your chair for your remote, phone, etc., a plastic rod for crocheting broomstick lace, and a pair of Singer scissors! And you'll never guess how much for all that...$2.00!!

My Kentucky Butter Cake after I poked holes in it and spooned on the glaze. See my chopstick sitting on the edge of the pan there? Chopsticks make the BEST cake hole pokers. After it finished cooling, I removed it from the pan...

And then we had some after supper, and I may have had a tiny piece for breakfast this morning. It's to die for. Can you see where the glaze ran down into the cake. The bites of cake with that glaze in them make my eyeballs roll back in my head.
I'm off to finish my coffee and then do some work. Have a lovely day!


  1. Snuck on quickly this morning. Love allyour birdies and what a great find with the basket. An H hook too... very cool.

    Don't know if I'm up to making the butter cake right now, but boy does it look yummie.

    By the way, another batch of Taco Soup last night. Scott is just slurping it up as fast as I can make it. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. It's great to have a new one for the winter. As soon as this craziness die down a little I will try to link to that post. Everyone should know about this one.

    Gotta run they are kicking me out of the office again.

    Great Big Birdie Hugs, Kate

  2. What a cool basket, and filled with all the goodies, too! That's awesome. And best of all, only $2.00!!!! I wish I knew how to be a "garage saler". I hear all the time about these terrific bargains people find!

    Oh, and that butter cake? You need to be slapped once or twice just for talking about it, then slapped an extra time for showing pictures! That looks so freakin' delicious! So much for my low-carb diet. :)

  3. Wow! Cool new look on your blog! I'm not brave enough to even try that. I've looked at some templates but that's about it.

    What a cool find for your crochet stuff! $2.00!!!?? That person must have been crazy!

  4. I just LOVE those old stands for crochet & knitting. My Grandma use to have one a LONG time ago.

    ~ Susan

  5. You made a great buy on the yarn basket holder and extra goodies inside of it. And that cake is to die for it really looks yummie. Too bad can't just cut a piece here to try it. Need taste a blog here for sure. I don't bake or cook much anymore. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Take care my friend.


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