Monday, November 30, 2009


I would swear that I posted something today, but I guess I didn't.

So I guess I'll jump on here and tell you a bunch of random stuff that probably makes no sense and nobody cares about, but isn't that what I always do? ;)

I'm loving THIS SONG right now. I've listened to it over and over and sang along into my hairbrush and danced with my dogs.

Surely I can find a picture to slap up here? Let me go dig...

Okay, here you go:

Isn't this a cool bed for a little kid? Heck, I think it's a cool bed for me! I snagged this picture off of flickr a few days ago because I liked the bed so much. I'd love to get in there and close the doors and take a nap right now! Too fun. You could put a cooler up on the shelf and some snacks in the drawers! Ha-ha-ha! I'm sure your mother might have something to say about that, like those drawers are for your clothes and the shelves for your shoes or something practical like that. Leave it to me to think of putting food and drinks in there. Or if your dogs sleep with you like mine do, you could put Meaty Bones and Snausages in there for them.

Okay, maybe I wouldn't really do that, but I can daydream if I want.

What else?


I have eaten so much crap in the last week, I swear I've gained 10 lbs. I haven't weighed and I'm not going to, but it feels like ten pounds at least. I'm miserable. Ugh. But did I quit eating today? Nope! I had cookies for breakfast, a bologna samich for lunch with THICK-CUT bologna, and several pieces of toffee with my Three O'Clock Coffee. Then I had leftover pizza for dinner!

I think I've rambled enough to call this an entry, don't you? Talk at ya tomorrow.


  1. Love the bed and all those great pups.

  2. I really love that bed! When Ryanne was little, I bought her one of those bunk beds that had a desk underneath on one end and a chest of drawers on the other end. It was the coolest bed ever, and it made me wish they had had neato beds like that when I was little. I like your idea of sneaking snacks and drinks in the drawers. I could close the doors and be a hermit all day long! :)

    Hey, I went to the cardiologist today for my follow-up visit, and he congratulated me for losing 9 lbs. since my couple of days in the hospital. I have no idea how that happened, especially with Thanksgiving thrown in there, but I didn't argue with him. I'm thankful for the loss of every single ounce!

  3. That IS the cutest little bed I've ever seen. Love it.

    I know what you mean about eating crap. Thanksgiving always starts it for me. It's a battle through Christmas to try and keep my mitts out of the goodies.

  4. VEry Cool Bed. Some kid is going to be very lucky. hopefully will appreciate it too. I wanted to have a little stage bed built for my girls. It was so cool. BUT so EXPENSIVE to build! Even if I let Sergio try to do it. Oh well, my girls survived without it.
    I can't seem to stop eating either. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have gained 25 pounds in the past two years! I know I need to exercise but...eww. seriously? I know if I quit eating, but, I am always hungry! I think I making up for lost time. I was too skinny for 35 years, so now its pay back time!
    Sorry to ramble... I am avoiding ending my lunch break! Maybe I will go find someones lunch leftovers...

  5. check out this bed....


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