Monday, November 09, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

I present to you...


I'm so sick of these colors. Bleh.

The edging pattern was courtesy of Kate at The Garden Bell. She's got a Ta-Da post today too!

No special reason for the Dreamcatcher name. I just thought of it while pondering suggested Southwest names and liked it.

After seeing Kate's pretty bright blue border color and how it makes the blanket pop, I wish I'd used a brighter color now for the edging. Mine doesn't really show up very well. Live and learn.

I'm kind of disappointed after all the lead-up to finishing this that it's not more spectacular. I'm probably just so sick of seeing it and posting unfinished pictures that it seems that way to me.

Okay, on to the next!


  1. I love the name. Dreamcatcher is perfect for this. Great job.

    I do like the border. Nice idea using the varigated yarn. I have used that on Hornet's nest and the Candy Icee. Your border is perfect.

    I totally get the love/hate when that last stitch is done. I too, get so sick of the colors and yarn and ready to start a new one about 3/4 the way through. Great job bring this to completion so quickly.

    On to the next.......yipee.

  2. Awesome blossom!!! Very nice, and I love the way all your colors just seem to fit. Yes, you are just tired of looking at it. It's a beautiful piece of work . . . something to be very proud of.

  3. I love your afghan the border really sets it off. You will find after working on it so long you can be bored with it. Put aside then look at it again after some time you will find looking at it in different perspective. I do and sometimes I will say dam I good. Look forward to your next one. Well take care friend.


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