Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dirty Birdie

My Red Lucy Birdie! He's so goofie, I love him.

We're calling him Dirty Bird. I have no idea why.

It took me four hours to make him. I really hate sewing, but I was determined to make him. I want to make more. I'm sure if I do I'll get quicker at it. At least I hope so. I added my own you see it? It's the hairy pink tail feathers.

I've named this the Candy Necklace Blanket because that's what it reminds me of. I didn't get much done on it this weekend, but I did go to Michaels for more yarn and got it for $2 per skein. That's a good deal on Vanna's Baby, which is normally $2.99.

It's time for a glass of milk, Buttermilk Candy, bed, and a few chapters of my book. It's way past my normal time to retire to my happy place. The dogs have been following me around wondering what the deal is. They are such creatures of habit and notice any change in the normal routine around here.

Talk at ya on Monday. I've been promised a cold front by the weatherman...cold enough for a fire in the morning with my coffee and crochet hook! I'm SO looking forward to that. Nightie-night.


  1. So cute! Love Dirty Bird and Candy Necklace afghan.

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    It took me forever to see the bird. I thought it was a girl holding up her dress. BP


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