Monday, November 23, 2009

Dirty Bird is Home

I had a burst of inspiration out of the blue a few minutes ago and spied the absolute perfect place for Dirty Bird. Look at him up there! He makes me smile every time I look up there.

I have two other cages up there that are smaller than this one. I'll have to make some baby birdies for those. I have to now!

I'm also working on a super-secret crochet pattern for you guys. I worked on it Saturday and Sunday and finally finished it. I'm making the finished product now, and I also have Bev testing the pattern for me. When it's all done, you're going to want this pattern really badly. And who's going to give it to you? That's right!


  1. I totally agree with you. Everyone is going to want this pattern -- REALLY bad. I just started it this afternoon and am lovin' it!

  2. Oh Pam, I think that is absolutely perfect! Love it to pieces.

  3. Would you hurry up already. I can't stand all the suspense!

  4. I just check her blog it is funny that sometimes people come up with the same idea's. Poor Dirty Bird must been a bad boy he got cage. I love your birdies they are cute. Did you check out the ripple she made on her blog I love the colors she used. You should make one and call it Barnaby and when he is bad in the cage he goes.Just a thought. Hang in there it will get better soon. I know days can be frustrating and people can get on your nerves get a cup of coffee and a sweet thing and just enjoy that moment. Take care friend.


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