Sunday, November 29, 2009

Business As Usual

We may be from the South, but we know what to do when it's a cold and rainy day...

...and getting colder by the hour. You know that makes me happy. Okay, so it's only 58 right now, but it's dropping!

A little of the usual...telling Momma we're ready for lunch when it's only 10:30 AM.

Do I hear the dogfood bag rattling in there? I think I do!

We will stare at you and stand around looking frail and hungry until you feed us!

And when you finally give in and feed us and our bellies are full, we will finally leave you alone and nap...

And stretch out and get really comfortable...

And wiggle my way onto the chair and pillow you're using for a foot rest, my legs sticking out the back, just to be near you and feel the warm fire.

While you crochet the day away and watch dumb TV shows. It's a holiday! We're allowed!

And leave you with a little button love. Aren't they pretty? I really love the purple and the aqua.


  1. I* love your postings about the dogs! They are so loved!

  2. Some of us blogging slackers have had to use the extra days off to make up for work days missed the previous week!!! I keep telling myself I need to get on there and post, but by the time I read blogs and make my few comments, I get distracted and find other things that need to be done! I am SO glad, however, that you continue to keep us entertained with your wit and wisdom! :)

    Your dogs are too cute. I love the picture of the one on the couch, sprawled out on her back. That could easily be one of our Greyhounds! Ours are the same when it comes to feeding time. They have little tummy clocks that are never off by a minute. Eight o'clock AM and PM, they are right in our faces, letting us know they are melting into puddles! Speaking of, I've ignored the whimpering a bit too long, so I best get them fed.

  3. I'm usually a blogging slacker so I don't know what got into me over the holiday!

    What in the world are you going to do with all those buttons.

    Love seeing photos of my fur nephew and nieces.


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