Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesterday Evening

This is pretty much how I spent my entire evening yesterday...

Rippling by the Fire...

Crustless Pumpkin Pie by the Fire

Sharing with the Dogs


  1. Now, you are getting it... he-he..

    Ripplin' by the fire with a bowl of delight and a little pup. What more could you ask for.

    It's coming along very nicely. What time should I be there with the coffee and my lucy bag full of yarn,tomorrow....only kidding.

    Off to put the final buttons on my The BB stash bag... Then back to one of my other project.

  2. Oh that is what I call relaxing the easy way. Love the fireplace roaring too miss that living in an apartment. My folks use to have one and I love making fires in it. Hot cup coffee and pie and just kick back. Enjoy you deserve to just chill and relax. Take care my friend.

  3. . . . and just where were the other 4 dogs??? Mine are attached at the hip when it comes to begging for food from my plate! :) Love your ripple, btw. Can't wait to see if finished!

  4. oh girl you have it to easy, just pack your bag its time you got out with us and saw the real world !! {{{HUGS)))

  5. Looks like the perfect evening to me!

  6. Ohhh and yum!
    I have decided if I die sooner than later... I want come back as a dog or cat that you adopt!

  7. looking at that photo of you and the fire place with ripple on lap, damn I am soooo jealous! here its so hot and yuck that Im going crazy i want to snuggle in front of a fire. oh and that pumpkin pie mmmmmmmmmmmmm


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