Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updated Ripple Pics

Still in-progress, but I'm getting there!


  1. Your ripple is beautiful love the colors you are using. They do tend to be heavy at times and takes forever to get them finished but the results are great when you do.

  2. Those look good Pam!!!


  3. I had to look twice (or three times) before I figured out that the two pics are actually of the same afghan! :) The way the lighting is, one looks like fall colors, and the other one is more summery. But, alas, my eyes are failing me, and I see they are one and the same! Thanks for showing us your progress. Thanks, also, for the email and helping to clarify that I'm not really a crochet reject. :)

  4. Your's look just like my Hornet's Nest. Don't tell me you used I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby. I did on mine and it's really wide and not quite as long as I'm use to, after 4 of them. I do love the yarn, but..... Can't wait to see what you got done today.

    Are you going to put a border around it. I did... like 6 or 7 rows of single in different colors of the ripple and then one final of 3dc in same, ch 1, skip st, slip in next, ch 1 skip st, 3dc in next... Let me know if you want better direction if you are dgoing to attempt this.

    I'm on a laptop now, as the desktop is being backed up tonight...

    kate xox

  5. Your ripples look great, the colors are great looking. Keep it up girl!!

  6. You are cruising!


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