Monday, October 26, 2009

Those two pictures in the last post are of the same afghan. I'm only doing one ripple afghan at a time! One picture was taken with the flash and the other without. It looks like two completely different afghans but it's not. The top one looks most like it in person. The other one looks more yellow than it is for some reason.

Help me! I think I'm addicted to ripples! I could not stop looking at all of the ripple afghans HERE. I don't know how many pictures are there, but I looked at a slideshow for well over an hour and didn't see all of the pictures.

There are so many possibilities! It's making my brain hurt imagining them all and trying to decide which ones I want to make and making up new ones of my own. Make it stop! No, don't! I like it.


  1. Ha! I went to that page and started looking and next thing I knew, my eyes were playing tricks on me. Too many ripples to look at in one sitting!

  2. Okay, so I just thought you were insane, trying to do multiple ripples at once! :) I'm going to save the link to all the ripples 'cause I don't want to get started on something else until I start finishing up some things. Be sure to check my blog later to see how I entertained myself at Wal-Mart today!


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