Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tag, You're It!

I was tagged by Bev! And I'm tagging PATSY!

A - Age: 48 (for another couple of weeks at least!)
B - Bed size: BIG (We sleep with 4 dogs)
C - Chore you hate: Toilets…it makes me gag.
D - Dog's name: In alphabetical order: Abbey, Eli, Fletcher, Phoebe, Sammi
E - Essential start-your-day item: Lots-O-Coffee and a kiss goodbye from my husband
F - Favorite color: Lavender
G - Gold or Silver: Silver, but I have an extra gold wedding band to wear on those few occasions when I wear gold earrings and/or necklace.
H - Height: 5’8” (And I’m the shortest of us three sisters)
I - I am: Very LUCKY!
J - Job: I am so grateful to be able to have my own business and work from home.
K - Kids: 2 baby boys (they’re really men now though). I knew I would have boys and no girls my whole life. I was positive about it.
L - Living arrangements: Me, Hubby, and lots of dogs
M - Mom's name: Johnny (yep, just like a guy!) I call her Momma but my other two sisters call her Mom or Mother.
N - Nicknames: Boo-Boo (One of my sisters has called me that since I was a baby), Pammy Sue (my blog readers call me that), Pammy (my mom and one friend call me that sometimes), Sam or Clyde or Sonny Boy (My dad calls me those names. I don’t know if he’s ever called me Pam.)
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Too many to name. I’ve had 12 surgeries.
P - Pet Peeve: Tardiness and the way kids say “like” all the time drives me nuts.
Q - Quote from a movie: “You see what I did? I didn’t let it go. I said I was going to let it go, but I didn’t.” I say that all the time to my husband. Billy Crystal says that to Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, my favorite movie. I also like to say, “I slap a little bass,” from the movie I Love You, Man.
R - Right or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: 2 Fabulous sisters!
T - Time you wake up: Between 8:00-8:15 when the dogs wake me up because they want to eat. They are very punctual.
U- Underwear: Usually, but not always, and they’re cotton.
V - Vegetable you dislike: Turnips…bleh!
W - Ways you run late: Very rarely if ever, unless it’s on purpose.
X - X-rays you've had: Nearly every body part.
Y - Yummy food you make: Homemade dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls.
Z - Zoo favorite: Gorillas…they fascinate me.


  1. Oh cool! I'm gonna work on this tomorrow.

  2. Hello Mrs. Pammy Sue!I love your comments on your blog!if you come check out my blog you will see the answers!


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