Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've been looking for these two books at Target, Walmart, and wherever else I go for months. I finally spotted them at Target a couple of days ago and snagged them both. I read the third one in the series a long time ago but never could find these. She came out with a vampire series and that's been all I could find lately. The vampire series all have the word "Dead" in the title. This one has the word "Grave" in the title. I read another series of hers several years ago and I'm trying to think what word was in those titles. Well, shoot. I'll go to Amazon and look for it. Please stand by...

Okay, the word in the title was "Shakespeare." I also read her series that featured Aurora Teagarden, but I don't think those had a common word. Anyway, they're all good for a light read.

These are my new hot rollers I bought at Walmart for $16. There are 10 rollers in there of two different sizes. I was pissed because when we left Walmart we went directly to Target for a dog toy that they only sell there, and they had the exact same rollers for $2 less. Oh well. I really like the rollers. I have to roll my hair now that it's gotten long again. It's a bummer that I can't get ready in 15 minutes anymore, shower & all. That's what I really loved about my really-really short hair. I even roll it when I'm just putting it up in a clip or ponytail. It just looks better.

I just made two crustless pumpkin pies. Barnaby requested them. I just used the same recipe (on the back of the Libby's Pumpkin can) and poured them into casserole dishes that had been sprayed with Pam. (Not me! The cooking spray, Dummy!) But I did add vanilla this time. I think I forgot the vanilla the other day when I made those first two pies. They seem to have turned out just fine. They're cooling on the stove now.

It's a good pumpkin pie day too. It's been drizzling rain all day. If it was 40 degrees I'd be happier, but I guess I won't complain about 64.

Happy Birthday, Auntie Gay!!

That's all I've got for you today. I need to get to rippling on my blanket while I have some free time. We're mostly caught up on the work for the moment.


  1. Don't you just hate it when you go to the next store and see the same thing for less.... A real bugger to me also.

    Glad to hear the pie went well.

  2. OMG! I forgot to call Mom on her birthday! Blasted migraines are giving me drain bramage.

    I make that pumpkin pie with no crust from time to time. I call it pumpkin pudding though.

    How can you remember the character name in some books you read God only knows how long ago??? I can barely remember the characters in the book I'm currently reading!

  3. Patsy ~ I only know the name because I had just seen it when I looked those books up on Amazon to get the word in the title. No way I would have remembered that on my own!

  4. Ah geez, I want some punkin' pie! I wonder if I could eat the "crustless" kind, being on this low-carb diet? You say it's on the Libby's can? I doubt pumpkin is low-carb, but it would have to be better without the crust. Not as yummy, but healthier! Glad to know about the hair rollers, just in case I ever go totally insane and decide to grow my hair out again. Hunter had been bugging me for a long time to cut it, and once I did, I wondered what took me so long. I really LOVE wearing it short, especially since I'm a hot weather hater! :)


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