Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I just opened the back door for awhile because it is so nice and cool outside. Abby just walked in and I turned around and my mouth dropped open and then I laughed out loud. She had so much mud caked on her feet it looked like she was wearing Herman Munster boots! Eli has it too! GAH! Damn dogs! Who can get mad at them though? Not me! They are so funny.

Why oh why did I not take a picture??


  1. Just like kids if there is a mud puddle or water they always find a way to jump in and have fun. The more muddier the more to really get dirty.

  2. Well I remember last time my dogs came in with muddy feet they were so muddy and they left foot prints on the carpet everywhere!! Then a great way to end that is when my mother walked in, she went balistic!!and then she blamed it on me for not looking on thier feet before they came in!! I guess I shoud give her that one I mean it's a muddy day and you forget to wipe your dogs feet off. But you know now that time is over I will just sit here and laugh at it!!LOL!:o)

    P.S I love your blog background! Looks really neat!:o)

  3. Love the new blanket! It turned out beautiful. I thought we were having another great niece. ???
    What's up with that?

  4. It's nice to find another dog lover. Next time take that picture, silly! :)


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