Thursday, October 29, 2009

Braids & the Bedside Table

I've been practicing French braiding my hair. I use to wear it that way all the time. It's been so long since I've braided my own hair it's taking some practice. Looks like I did something wrong...hmm....

Quit trying to look down my shirt, pervs!

Okay, back to the braids. It's very awkward to braid your own hair, especially when you get older (ahem!) and your arms are weaker than they use to be. You have to hold both arms up and you have sections of hair between all your fingers and you really just have to do it with your mind and by feel because you can't see anything. My hair really needs to get a bit longer before it'll look very good. By that time I should be pretty good at it again.

You can see my messy bedroom in the background there. I keep so much stuff around my bed, it's embarrassing. Here is a list of mandatory bedside items for me:

1. Magazines
2. Travel alarm clock
3. Ice water in my special thermal water cup thingy
4. A reading lamp attached to my headboard
5. Nail file & nail clippers
6. Scissors
7. Lotion
8. A paper towel or napkin
9. Reading glasses & distance glasses
10. The remote
11. A fan (When I'm in my bedroom, I always have the ceiling fan on AND a fan sitting on the floor that's on. The ceiling fan because I am always hot, and the floor fan just for the drowns out the noise from the TV that Barnaby is watching in the living room.)
12. A small basket with nail polish, cotton balls, and polish remover.
13. Lip balm
14. A pen & pencil
15. A tiny LED light for when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
16. A trashcan
17. At least one dog.
18. Hard candy
19. A wooden back scratcher
19. My gun

Now mind you, there are lots of other things there too, but those are the things I absolutely have to have every night whether I'm going to use them or not.

What things do you always keep next to your bed?


  1. Since I pretty much only try to sleep when I'm in bed, I only have:
    Granny's Bible
    One of Granny's glass dishes (with a dog on top) to put any jewelry I have
    back scratcher

    I have a bunch of drawers in my night table but they have things like my bank statements, tape recorder, lotion..etc.

    Do you actually do your nails in bed?

  2. Oh my gosh, Pam -- where do you sleep? Lets see. What is on my nightstand? A small lamp and my water bottle (on a coaster, of course), and an alarm clock. On Ken's nightstand? A small lamp on a doily. That's it.

  3. I like the braids, but I really think you should cut your hair short again so you can look like Hunter and me! :)

    Dang, girl, my bedroom is not big enough to hold even half the stuff you listed, and I thought I had a nice-size boudoir! My main requirement to have by my bed at night (and any other time I happen to have reason to be in bed) is my industrial-size fan. That thing on full blast will drown out even the loudest of hubby's snoring. (snicker) My floor fan will be going 90-to-nothin', my ceiling fan will be at top speed, and all three windows in my bedroom will be up, usually with a fan in one of them. JC is dressed like an eskimo when he sleeps, and I'm happy with just my granny-panties. I know, TMI!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Going to bed now . . . had a rough day at the factory, and I'm hoping for a better tomorrow. Night-night!

  4. Yes, I do my nails and toenails on the bed. I like to go in there around 7:30 or 8:00 PM and watch the shows I like, read magazines or a book, do my nails once a week or so, lotion up my body, play with the dogs, and sometimes I even sleep in there!

  5. Ha Ha you so crazk me up!
    I am the pro for cool braids on others (thanks to my college roommates, working in the elem girls dorm @ IDS, and of course having my own little darlings to braid growing up!) BUT, I have never mastered my own head! Makes me crazy! I try & try but cant do it!
    My night stand-- is actually a big longenberger picnic basket. Not much on it. lamp, water, glasses, phone (when charging),bible, book/mag, my select comfort remote, and of course I also have a dog or two plus cat or two on my side of the bed. Also still sleeping with Annie's blankie since she left me for college :(
    The gun is on Sergio's side.


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