Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Blanket

Another Baby Blanket

This was made using Stashaholic's Brain Dead Afghan Pattern, and just made it smaller. I added the ruffled border. I used Bernat Berella 4 yarn.

I loved this pattern. It went really fast using a size K hook. It's a lot like the diagonal box stitch pattern, only it's not diagonal. Try it. You'll like it!


  1. Very nice. How did you like the Berella 4 yarn. I just made a ripple with one and thought it was pretty nice. Used a H hook which is my fav and it was just fine. I like this pattern, will check it out.

  2. Very nice job there, and I love the color. The ruffled edge is a great final touch, good thinking. I have been down with the flu for a week so I am W-A-Y behind in everyones projects so I am running around trying to catch up. Take care and keep hooking 8>)

  3. I love your newest baby blanket it is cute love the color and the pattern you used.

  4. Yes I do just want to squeeze him! And I acually got that chance today!


  5. Now that is very bright and colorful. If I was a little, tiny baby, I would love to cuddle up in it. Great (and FAST) job! :)


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