Friday, October 30, 2009


Today is our 17th anniversary! Happy anniversary to us!



We aren't doing anything until tomorrow though, and then we're just going out to eat...nothing fancy. And we'll probably go at about 4:00 when nobody else is eating out except 80-year-olds. We are such party animals.

I went to Target today and spent at least 2 1/2 hours buying up the store. I don't know what got into me, but I was spending money like a mad woman. I rarely ever do that so it's fine. What did I buy, you ask? Why, thanks for asking! It's terribly interesting.

1 pair of black pants
1 pair of black jeans (too big, have to return them)
2 camisoles (black & flesh-colored)
1 dressy shirt and 1 tee-shirt
1 tee-shirt for Barnaby
1 bathrobe for Barnaby
1 room-darkening shade
2 bamboo shades (on clearance, I HAD to)
1 pair of over-the-knee socks
1 giant bag of Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, and Nestle Crunch bars
1 box of Duraflame Xtra logs
1 sandlewood candle (It's been burning all day...heavenly!)
1 box of hair dye
1 bottle Herbal Essence conditioner
4 pairs of tights (2 black & two brown)
1 anniversary card
1 hearth rug
2 ink cartridges (1 black & 1 color)
1 Herbal Essence Conditioner
1 bunch of bananas
1 coffee creamer
1 gallon 1% milk
1/2 gallon soy milk

That is all, and that's enough!

Is anybody else having trouble finding canned pumpkin?? Walmart was out for the second time a couple of days ago and Target was out today too. What's up with that? It's OCTOBER! We need pumpkin!


  1. Wow girl! You made a HAUL at Target! You go girl.

    You're gonna have to break down and go to a regular grocery store for that canned pumpkin I bet.

    BTW..I sent your b-day box Priority Mail yesterday so you might even get it tomorrow...Monday for sure. LY!

  2. Congratulations on Wedding Anniversary. Seem like you had a fun day of shopping good for you. I remember that happen once before pumpkin was scarce another one year was canberry sauce. I had heard that pumpkin growing season was not that great in some areas maybe that is why.Hope you have a super wonderful weekend. Take care friend.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you,
    Happy Anniversary to you,
    Happy Anniversary dear Pam and Barnaby,
    Happy Anniversary to you!

    (I was really singing to myself as I typed that!) :)

    Sounds like you and I are similar shoppers. I really hate going to Wal-Mart and even Target, unless I have lots of money to spend. That's why I rarely go, unless it's to get my oil changed or some other mundane reason and then I just rationalize that I'll get some crocheting done.

    Have a fun anniversary. It's probably a good thing you're going out early so the spooks and goblins don't get you. Which reminds me, is there a particular reason you got married on Halloween??? :) Just curious!

  4. Oh shoot! I forgot to say "Happy Anniversary" to you and Barnaby. Hope you have a nice dinner tonight! two have been married a long time in "Neal girl years" ha ha!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Wow, Congrats. Seems like Monday is maybe another anniversary or milestone. hmmmmmmm. What is it??

  7. Best wishes for a special day. Nothing like buying Target out today. Don't you just love when you do that.

    Have a great one.


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