Monday, September 28, 2009

Potpourri Entry

I'm going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off today. I'm finally having that crochet group meeting at my house tonight. I had some ladies emailing me asking when I was going to do it so I just went ahead and set a date on my own and sent out another email. I got three responses this time and figured that was good enough.

So, of course, I have work to do, AND I have to sweep up the dog hair and dust again even though my housekeeper was here on Friday, wipe down the bathroom and change the hand towel, bake some sugar cookies, sweep the front porch, and pick out some patterns and stuff for everybody to look at or use or whatever. Whew! I'm glad I have a lot to do. That way I won't sit around worrying and fretting about whether everyone will just sit around in silence staring at each other. Ha! I'm such a freak.

I'm hoping to be finished with my work by noon so i can spend the afternoon on all that other fun stuff.

Changing the subject: Do y'all watch The Wendy Willliams Show? She cracks me UP! I have grown to love and adore her. She's so sweet, but she's also over the top with her personality and appearance. It makes me laugh. I want her to come to my crochet meeting, That would liven things up for sure.

Product Review: Ritz Brown Sugar Cinnamon

I am a Ritz Cracker Lover. This variety is good, but they have a flaw...they crumble very easily and make a mess! I mean, you barely touch them and they crumble into a million pieces. The brown sugar-cinnamon flavor is more subtle than I thought it would be. I thought they would be covered in cinnamony-sugar like the cinnamon graham crackers are, but the brown sugar and cinnamon is baked-in rather than on top.

Bottom line: I like them, but I would not serve them at a party or take them anywhere because of the crumble issue. Too bad, because these could have really been FANTASTIC. Instead they're just okay. I still prefer the regular Ritz. The Vegetable Ritz are good too and had no issue with crumbling. Again, I still prefer the regular Ritz.


I finished another of Doris Chan's All Shawls last night. This one is for my favorite Auntie Gay. She's coming to visit next month and it's her birthday.

I don't know why, but I don't think this picture shows this one very well. Maybe because of the black color behind it. It looks prettier in person. I really enjoy making this pattern. I've always used the Caron Spa yarn to make it, and I love the way it feels and drapes with this yarn.

Okay, I must stop blabbing and go finish my work. I have too much to do to be yacking like this. Any other day I'd be struggling for something to write.



  1. I hope you take some pictures of your group tonight. Have a great time!

  2. Ritz and Brown Sugar, just doesn't sound right to me. I get the whole sugar/salt thing. But........thanks for the heads up.

    Loving the shawl. Take some fun pics of your group to share for us new followers.

    Great times tonight

  3. Hey Pammy Sue!

    Sounds like your quite busy... It will bw fun to have them at your house...:-) If I was closer, I would come... I wish we had crochet get togathers more often.

    I love the Doris Chan shawl...Lovely! How much yarn did that take? ( Just a ball park guess )

    ~ Susan

  4. Taking pictures is a great idea you guys! Thanks. I wouldn't have thought about it with all the goings on. I'm getting out my camera right now!

  5. That is great you got some people for a crochet group sounds like it would fun. Love your shawl it is beautiful I am getting her book and look forward to trying some of her patterns. I can see you running around the dogs wondering what is going on with mom. Look forward to seeing your group and pictures. Take care. Have lots of fun.

  6. I agree . . pictures of your get-together would be great! I'm glad you finally got some responses.

    I started the low-carb thing on Saturday, so Ritz of any kind are out, but I sure love 'em, salty, sweet, baked, crumbly, frozen, you name it!

    And, lastly, the shawl is beautiful, but you already know that. You are quite talented, you know! - Keri

  7. Good luck with your first crochet meeting tonight!

    Love the new shawl for our fav. Aunt G. That one is really pretty and I just know she'll love it!

  8. Love the shawl! It is beautiful!

  9. ooooooooooh Pammy the shawl is very pretty...and so elegant..Where did you ever find
    brown sugar cinnamon are so on teh cutting edge..I will
    have to look for them.. I cam, I read, I comment...



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