Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Only Me

I'm laughing & cringing as I type this. I am such a doofus sometimes and unaware of things I should be aware of.

Okay, so I have a window cleaner guy here this morning to clean the inside and outside of my windows. He's a very nice British guy that's probably about my age. (Which means he's younger than me because I always think younger people are my age. It's a shocker when I see someone my own age and know they're the same age I am. I always think, "They look so old! Do I look that old?" I see myself as perpetually 30 years old.) I got off-topic there...sorry. Where was I?

Oh yes...I'm laughing and cringing. So he's standing right in front of my computer screen on my desk writing up the invoice and chatting about what I do for a living. The screen is completely visible to him and quite large.

Well, after he left, I turned around to go back to whatever I was doing here, and on the screen, big as Dallas, A GIANT VIAGRA PAGE! I had clicked on a link in an email in my inbox just as he knocked on the door, and surprise, surprise, that's what loaded up and was spalashed all over my computer screen. GAH!

I just went back to where he was working and asked him if he had seen what was on my computer. He said he didn't. And then I started telling him what I had found on my computer screen after he walked out and how embarrassed I was. That's when he fessed up that he HAD seen that it said something about Viagra. OMG. How embarrassing! Why me? Why exactly at that moment did I click on that stupid link? Do you think he believes me that I wasn't really shopping online for Viagra?

Good lord. It's both hilarious and mortifying at the same time.

My windows are looking pretty though.


  1. Why does stuff like that happen when you're not looking. It couldn't have been a "Your Daily Bible Reading" website. It's always something you'd rather not have someone else see. I am snickering though....

  2. Oh my God, I'm actually sitting here, alone in my office, laughing my you-know-what off . . . OUT LOUD! Takes a pretty good "funny" to get me to do that! I'd like to be a fly on the wall in your house someday, just to observe. Not in a stalker kind-of way, but just to witness some of these things you get yourself into. Too funny!

  3. OMG! did you know Eli got out and is SHAKIN' HIS FANNY on your blog page!

    Bad doggie! Bad doggie!


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