Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kitty Hagatha McBitchy

Kitty doesn't care much for me anyway, but she is so mad at me right now....

She won't even look at me. Because of this...

Isn't that incredible? And I didn't even get all the hair off of her because after about 45 minutes of brushing when I started in on her back legs and tail, she got really pissy and bit me twice. This is why I call her Kitty-Bitch most of the time. She's such a hag towards me and always has been, even though I'm the one who saved her life 18 years ago and I'm the one who brushes her and keeps her healthy.

Oh, but how she loves her Daddy! She rarely comes out from her bed unless he's home. She immediately comes out when he gets home from work and stays near him all evening. When I take the dogs and go to my happy place to read (bed), she voluntarily and happily sits in his lap! She NEVER does that with me. She's a hag I tell you....a grumpy old sea hag!


  1. heee heee! This post cracked me up! Tiny is that way. She bites me if I try to pick her up when she doesn't want me to. She and the sea hag might be cousins! BTW..I put a picture of her up on my blog yesterday.

  2. You have a furminator

    I love mine


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