Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Just checking in to say something I thought I'd never say in a million years: I should have gotten a root canal and crown on that tooth! At least it would be over with by now. I went back to the dentist today so he could pack that tooth socket with more gauze & medicine. It still hurts like a big dog. My whole lower-right jaw throbs.

And do you know what he has said both times I've gone back to have more medicine packed in there? Read this with an Asian accent:

"It look good! It not look bad. The tissue doing what it supposed to do right now. Dry socket mean the socket empty and no blood clot in there. It look good! You come back Saturday. We will be here, and I will put more medicine in there for you. But it look good!"

I hate him.


  1. Oh crap! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this for so long. I don't remember ever having to go back more than once on a dry socket but you'd better do what he tells you to even if you are feeling better by Saturday. Because, after all, you want it to continue to "look good." Sheesh!

  2. Oh my gosh, is it rude to laugh at someone when they're in such pain? You are hilarious, and just reading your dentist imitation almost made me cry from laughter. So sorry you're in pain . . . at least you haven't lost your humor.

  3. I am so sorry your hurting so much with your tooth socket. I been thinking about you today and wondering how your making out. I read your paragragh with asian accent and your right just what a Doctor would say except you made humor out of it that's good we know your trying to feel better even if your hurting like ----.
    Take care miss you.

  4. Oh Pammy I am so sorry you are in such misery. My husband was to have an extraction a couple years ago, and our dentist put him on anti-biotics and something for pain until September was over. He said that he found he has 1 out of 3 extractions during August & September go to dry socket. I wonder why your dentist didn't have you wait.

    I am so hoping your pain goes away, you sound so miserable..........

  5. Oh Pammy, I couldn't believe I was reading that this was STILL bothering you!! Sorry to hear this, and hope you're feeling better real soon.. ~tina


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