Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn!

The first day of Autumn...my favorite time of year!

I got a Patternworks catalog in the mail yesterday. I spent a lot of time going through it and marking yarn pages I wanted to look at again. I think I'll be ordering some yarn today on their website in the next few days. I just want some different yarns that what I can get at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. There's really not much of a selection of different yarns at those places. But you can get 40,000 different colors of cheap Red Heart!

I think I'll work some more on the All Shawl I have started and then maybe crochet the border on that first braided strip of the afghan today.

Eli is in desperate need of a bath & blowdry. I may tackle that today too.

Barnaby is sick. We both had a touch of something over the weekend and felt kind of crappy with the big D. I'm feeling fine now, but he started getting really congested Sunday night and was much worse yesterday when he got home from work. He even went to the doctor, and that's really something for him. He NEVER goes to the doctor unless he feels like he's dying.

Anyway, they tested for one kind of flu, which he doesn't have. He got some antibiotics and something for the congestion so hopefully he'll feel better soon. He went to work today like a big dummy, but I bet I see him home soon. He really shouldn't go spread it around to the entire world, but he's stubborn and wouldn't listen.

Okay, I've got to go if I'm going to do everything I said I was today. Bye.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I have never heard of the Patternworks catalog. But from the beautiful picture, I'm heading right over to check it all.

    Sure hope everyone get well in your house soon

  2. I've tried really hard NOT to look at the Patternworks catalog but you are about the 10th person that I've seen post about the yarns -- SO I guess I'll just HAVE to look.

    Sorry to hear Barnaby is sick. You're right, he shouldn't go and spread it all over - but unfortunately he probably did that already when he went on Monday.

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    That bug is going around. Two days of colon blow and then weak for a couple of days. Ahh, Autumn I have the back door open and am chilly, but in Dallas tomorrow can be 101 again for a week. Ahh, Texas.....got to love it except 4 months of unbelievable scorching unbearable miserable heat. BP

  4. Was going to post a nice, long message about today being the first day of fall and how terribly excited I am (for real), but my computer tower is now sitting in the office of my company's IT guru, waiting for some software that will allow me to code electronic medical records, versus having to drive to the office every day to pick them up. So . . . I am being forced to use my 10-year-old's new Netbook, which is fine for quick things, but my fingers are too big and clunky for the smaller keyboard. Therefore, I think I will have to wait to revel in the gloriousness of cool, crisp fall weather.

    Glad you're feeling better. The Big D is the pits!!

  5. I love your picture of Autumn it is so pretty. I just got my Patternworks catalog and they do have some beautiful yarn I also get Knit Pics too they have some nice yarn too. Hope that Barnaby gets better there nothing worse than being sick right now.

  6. Hi Pammy!

    So sorry Barnaby is sick... HOpe he gets better soon.

    Let me know when you find in the Patterns Work magazine..:-)


  7. Ooooo! Pretty Autumn photo. Have you tried Michaels for yarn? I noticed they had a bunch but since I know nothing about yarn, I don't know if it's anything you'd want.

    Sorry Barnaby is sick (you too!) and I'm glad it's not the Swine Flu or whatever they are calling it now.

    Wish you could come here and give Savvy a bath. She needs one real bad but that stupid washer is in my bathtub bathroom and she's too big for the little shower stall bathroom. Dammit!


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