Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gunk & Braids

This gunk backed-up from our air conditioner underneath the master bathroom sink. Holy crap! I thought it was a rat at first. There's a bunch of string and hair and other unidentifiable stuff in that big wad. How sickening! I didn't even know that could happen, but Barnaby showed me the plumbing where the condensation from the air conditioner drains into the plumbing under the sink. But where does string come from?? I don't even want to know. And look at that black water! Now I have made myself sick talking about it. Bleh!

This is a picture of a page in a pattern magazine for the latest afghan I've started. My sister came over yesterday and crocheted a couple of chains for me. Each one of those braids is made up of three long pieces that start with close to 300 chains each. And then you have to make 10 of each of those panels. Here are the colors I'm making mine out of. Not sure yet which of these colors I will use to edge it.

I hope I actually finish this some day. I think it'll be pretty. I know I'll have to set it aside to finish up some Christmas things and birthday things, but maybe early next year it will be finished.


  1. Okay that creepy hair, string stuff is just down right gross, next thing you know people will start making some kind of eco-yarn from drain sludge.

    Love the afghan though, it is going to be gorgeous.

  2. It's going to be lovely! My mother has made several of these. I've never tried one so will be watching you closely. Maybe I'll get up the nerve to do one at some point too.

  3. WOW that is a mess from the AC I know that they can build up a slimmy mess my Dad's back up one time. Enough of that. I love your new afghan pattern looks interesting and love the color's your using. How big is it going to be?

  4. The braided afghan is going to be totally awesome. I commend you for your patience. I dislike making chains, and I REALLY dislike crocheting into my starting chain. Therefore, I don't think I could retain any sense of sanity if I tried something like that. I'll be rooting for you 100% though. :)

    P. S. That stuff from your AC is really gross!

    Keri in OKC

  5. gross!
    Why did I read this while I was eating lunch?
    Pam~ YUCK!!!!!
    TMI (too much information)!

  6. Oh that looks nice and warm!...not the creepy black hair soup....THE AFGHAN. ha!

  7. Looks geat so far... Keep us posted on how it's going...


  8. This is going to be beautiful, Pammy!.. (meaning the afghan, and not that hairy thing, of course!) I am real close to finishing one of mine now. I'm just trying to crochet an edging around it. Maybe I'll finish it while watching the football game tonight! ~tina

  9. OK, time to move past that first picture... yuckie... Love the braid.


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