Monday, September 07, 2009

Bored & Bitchy

I know I need to make an entry, but I just have a blank mind these days when it comes to posting. Sometimes that's the way it goes.

We had family over for hotdogs yesterday so that was our big Labor Day celebration. Today I'm just hanging out at the house, pretty much like every other day. I might go try and find a book that looks good to read. I don't think I'll crochet because my right arm and shoulder need a rest. They've been screaming at me. My tooth socket where the dentist extracted that tooth is still screaming at me too. I wish it would hurry up and heal already.

Oh, and the first crochet group meeting is Tuesday evening, but nobody is responding so I'm thinking nobody is going to show up. I sent the first notification email through the neighborhood Website, but the moderators never approved it so nobody even saw it. So I sent out an email directly to the people who had first responded saying they would like to participate yesterday, but still nobody has responded. Whatever! I'm about to give up and just say screw it.

This is how things go when I start dealing with people. That's why I HATE it and just keep to myself most of the time. People are a pain in the ass.

And with that little bit of bitchiness, I'll leave you now. I'll try and be more pleasant next time.


  1. I love your honesty, bitchy or not! I feel exactly like you do about most people, unfortunately, but I do my best to put on a happy face. Sometimes, I just want to scream. I applaud your efforts to get a crochet group going in your neighborhood. A big high-five to you for your ambition. Screw everyone else. If you lived closer, I would come and crochet with you. I would love to find someone to share my new-found hobby with, but I haven't found ambition like yours to get out and look for anyone.

    And, hey, this is your blog, and you can be bitchy if you want. Hang out with your dogs today . . . that always makes me feel better when I'm in "a mood"! :)

  2. People really are a pain in the ass, huh? It is a holiday weekend though...a 3-day for the working folks so maybe they are all out of town for the weekend.

  3. Boy, you ARE bitchy today. I hope EVERYONE shows up. It's a bad weekend to expect responses though with it being a holiday and everything. I'll bet you have a good turnout and if not this time then next for sure because it won't be around a holiday and everyone's kids starting school.

    Chin up, chest out and conquer the world!!!!!

  4. Hey Pammy,

    They may have still gotten those e-mails... But since it's a holiday weekend, they are more then busy. Give it chance.

    People are worth it... You'll see.:-)

    ~ Susan

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Somebody needs to crochet some glad panties and throw away the mad panties. BP


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