Friday, August 14, 2009

You're Just Super

Oh, man. That is a dorky title.

I can't believe not one single person called me a weirdo super-mindfreak or anything the other day when I said those balls of light in that picture were my relatives. But I know you were thinking it. You people are too nice to me. I expected at least one of you to make fun of it or at least comment, but you all just read it and let it go just like you do when I'm having a freakout about something and shoot my mouth off and cuss and just generally act like a heathen around here. I love you, man!

I just have a little tiny bit of work to finish this morning and then I'm free as a bird. Well, sort of. My cleaning lady is coming today so I'll be dog-sitting. I may just put them in the bedroom and run out and do a little shopping. We're going to Casino Night at the clubhouse where my mom and dad live, and I might buy a new shirt to wear or something. That's right. We're hanging out with wild & crazy, gamblin' senior citizens! I'll take them over people our own age any day.

Last time we went, there were some really drunk people by the end of the night. But they're all so old and use to drinking that nobody acted like an ass. They just kind of stumbled around with red eyes and slurred speech being sweet. Not everybody was drunk mind you, but there were a few.

Y'all have a great Friday, m'kay?

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  1. Well I was going to say something about the "orbs" in your photo the other day but then I forgot. You know how Jason and Grant feel about orbs, although, I feel they are a little hard-nosed about them. Yeah, they can be dust or flying bugs, but sometimes there is just no reasonable explanation for the ones that act funny..flying all over in different directions or going through walls or coming out of walls.

    Anyway, if you believe that those orbs are Granny and Aunt Pic that's just fine with me. I'm fine with believing that too!


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