Thursday, August 27, 2009

What the...

Some people crochet the weirdest stuff:

Just Plain Scary

Um, thanks for the pretty sweater?

Makes Me Laugh

Beyond Stupid

This was labeled a "UFO Bag." They're skulls, stupid-ass.

Get a Life Already!

Funny Teeth

"Pixies" Cute!

OMG, I want one! The dog, not the sweater.

??? Perv!

Just Stupid

Um, no.

No Comment

Whatever, Whore!


  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    yes yes it did make me laugh, Please, may I have some more. BP

  2. that crochet baby needs to be burned and buried. how creepy!

  3. Oh my what a collection weird stuff some it is so funny. I almost fell out of my chair made my day for sure.

  4. Pam... Now don't put the dogies down... ;-) They are cute. How is Eli? He looks as cute as ever.


  5. Ha ha ha! Some of those were hysterical! I especially thought the "UFO" bag was funny to have been labled that way. Sheesh! What was that person thinking? (or smoking?)

  6. Too funny Pammy, I was hoping for the teaset & cupcakes for Christmas !!


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