Sunday, August 23, 2009

Purple Booties

The Tennis Sock Booties

I'm going to try another easier pattern for these next. Not that these were hard, but they took too long for my liking. Maybe I'm just too impatient, but whatever. I like the way the trim and pom-poms look so I'll add them to the next pattern.

The flash distorts the color of these. They are dark purple (more of an eggplant color) with lavender soles & trim.

It's weigh-in time tomorrow morning! Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Pam!

    Those are cute... What did you use for the soles of the slippers?


  2. Awe! Too cute!
    I featured you on my last Blog... I hope you don't mind. I know I should have asked first, I hope you don't mind.

  3. Oh how cute! I love those!
    Good luck on the weigh in.

  4. Pammy, These are really CUTE!! I LOVE color and the pom-poms too!


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