Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The peaches are so good right now. I'd give my right arm (almost) to be able to make a peach pie or cobbler and eat it. I say almost because it would be too hard to crochet with one arm. Although, I have heard of people who can't use their arms (or don't have any) crocheting totally with their feet. Amazing, huh? It almost makes me want to try it. I'm sure I'd get a charlie horse and die though.


  1. I been buying a lot of peaches every week and enjoy just eating for a snack at night. They have been very good this year to enjoy. I also love perserves just a got a jar of blackberry and I must say it really is good also got a peach butter perserve and found it really good too. Tomatoes here have been very good too.

  2. I can really identify with the blur feeling. Comes from having two small kids, too many hobbies and too many things to do. We are going into Spring here in South Africa and I cant wait for peaches... for me they are real summer jewels...


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