Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No More Mrs. Nice Guy

Someone needs to take my crochet hooks away and put me in a crochet time-out.

I discovered today, after starting the Sweet Pea Shawl over again in thread yesterday, that the shawl that I had half-finished and completely frogged yesterday was done correctly after all! And after doing it another way yesterday (with thread, no less), I had to rip all that out so I could do it the way I did the first time. Are you following me? It's okay if you're not. The gist of it is I'm just running around in circles over here. Don't mind me. I'll get dizzy and fall down soon. Good Lord.

I managed to get a heck of a lot of work done today, but even more than that came in. Yippee! she said sarcastically. What recession? After being warned of a big slow-down in work, it never happened. After reducing our rates to accommodate some clients with supposed waning resources, turns out we didn't need to. We screwed ourselves by being nice and trying to avoid something that didn't exist.

I'm not bitching...I'm just saying. Don't be nice when it's business, people! Be cutthroat and ruthless! It's dog eat dog! People will accept your generosity knowing full well they don't need it if it'll save them a buck. Don't volunteer anything! At the very least, make them ask, no beg! And then only give them half of what they want. Those are my rules from now on. Play or go home, bitches.

End of rant.

I dyed my hair today and it came out really red. That's okay because it fits my mood.

One more week until the new Ghost Hunters season starts! I can hardly wait. Tori & Dean ended already, and there's nothing to watch now.

Sorry, that's all I've got. How pathetic. Bye.


  1. Hey Pam!

    You sounds a bit upset. Hope you feel better after the rant.

    Just give you hooks to a neighbior / friend who will not give them back til you have a rest from it. LOL Oe send them to me!!! ;-)


  2. Uh baby sister has the same malady in business that I have...I always fall for that crap! I've learned, however, to put a time limit on how long I'll discount my services to them. That way, we all get what we want and they aren't all bent out of shape when the price goes back to "normal".

    Ghost Hunters! We can't wait either. GHI isn't nearly as good but we watch it anyway just waiting for Jason and Grant to return!

    Sorry you had some creative problems. Happens to the best of us!

  3. Hi there,

    I have just found your blog and love it. I too am a crochet addict (ok, ok, just a craft addict) but crochet has a special place in my heart as i was taught it by my mom at the age of 7.

    And you cant be too red!

    Have a good day!

  4. My gosh girl, we both know the bigger the business is, the more they will squeeze you just to get a lower bid. It's all a game and only those at the top reap the rewards anyway. I go for the karma and you know you will get that back ten-fold for your kindness of heart.

  5. Anonymous6:22 AM

    sorry bout sweet should stick with cocoay bay for sure and no more mrs nice guy!! BP

  6. Pam~
    Where do you get all that energy?
    You impress the crap out of me.


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