Friday, August 07, 2009

My Friday So Far

I just got back from the movies. My mom, sister, and I went to see Julie & Julia. It was entertaining and good. I'm not a fan of Meryl Streep, but she did a good job playing Julia Childs.

Nutrisystem Day 4: It's going well and I haven't cheated one bit. I took my breakfast bar and an apple with me to the movies since it started at 10:45 am. I ate the bar but not the apple. I stopped at Starbucks on the way and snuck in a Venti Passion Iced Tea with three Splendas. I'm only weighing once a week, so I won't know how much I've lost until Monday morning. I know I've at least lost some water weight because I can see it in my face. No headache as of 2:00 today. I hope that part is over.

I wore my möbius to the movies over a green tank top with jeans. I thought it looked cute. My sister said she liked it and asked me to make her one too.

I'm going to go crochet on The Shawl some more. Hope you have a good Friday.

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  1. YAY! I'm glad you've been able to stay on your program. I can't wait to see the J & J movie. I was a big fan of Julia Childs back in the day and used to watch her French Chef show every Saturday morning! That was before the food network so she was on the PBS station. I used to love to imitate her.


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