Friday, August 21, 2009

I made another square before I went to bed last night. This a diagonal box stitch square also from "101 Granny Squares." I was trying to make something Christmasy, but it ended up looking more like the Italian Flag or something. It doesn't look Christmasy to me.

I forgot how much I like this stitch. I have a WIP afghan stuffed somewhere made entirely from this stitch. I need to dig it out. It goes very quickly.


I explained the Nutrisystem diet in the comments section of my first post today for anybody who is interested.

Here's an unblocked square I made this evening from the book, "101 Granny Squares."

I also made one bootie and the sole of another one. Picture when I'm finished.

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  1. I really like that stitch/pattern of the 2nd granny square too. Those would make great hot pads or trivets. I think if you change the green to a more Christmas-sy green, it'll work great. That green looks a little "olive-y" to me. I'll still take it though. Would look great with my new kitchen which is coming along slowly but surely.


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