Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Holy Shit Batman!

Look at the big hunk of hair I just "accidentally" cut off the top of my head!! I actually screamed when I did it. And then I laughed as I stood in front of the mirror and looked at it in my hand.

You see, I had the scissors out first, and then I took out the thinning shears to thin out the hair on top of my head so that it would have more volume. I have very thin, limp hair. The thinning shears work great to make my hair stand up a little and have more body up there...EXCEPT WHEN YOU INADVERTENTLY PICK UP THE SCISSORS INSTEAD AND TAKE A BIG WHACK AT IT! Gah!

Do you know how long I've worked and waited for my hair to get some length? Do you? DO YOU?

And I can't go stress-eat anything because I'm on this damn diet!

AND -- I have a headache due to lack of caffeine!

AND AND -- I just generally feel like shit! (Here's Too Much Information For Ya: I think something is wrong with my urethra! It hurts! More on that another time, maybe...but probably not. Are you horrified that I just said that? Do women even have a urethra? I think they do. But if they don't, you know what I mean anyway.)

AND AND AND -- My toofie is bugging the crap out of me and I need to go to the dentist soon!

AND AND AND AND, NOW I have a giant bald spot because I'm an idiot and don't pay attention to anything!


  1. Hi Pammy Sue,

    It sounds like a bad day. Cuddle up with Eli and take a nap.

    ~ Susan

  2. Oh yes, definitely a nap.

  3. Uhhhh....Didn't anyone ever tell you NOT to cut your own hair when you're on a diet? Also...about that other may have a urinary tract infection. You can try using that over the counter stuff for the pain and drink lots of Cranberry juice or go to the healthfood place and get the cranberry tablets (I've never tried them.) OR go the the doctor and get the medicine which you might end up having to do anyway even after doing all of the above.


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