Monday, August 03, 2009

A Granny Bag!

My new bag is pretty, yes? Yes!
But my poor brain, she is hurting. With all the right sides and wrong sides and folding this way and that, it took me forever to sew it together! I kept sewing sides together and then getting all confused about whether it was right or not and trying to figure out how it was supposed to work and ripping it out. Good lord. I'm an idiot sometimes. It was just three hard could it possibly be?


  1. Very Nice! I'm imagining it in different color schemes... ;-)


  2. You are so funny. I just made a similar one about a week ago and it just as hard for me as you are describing it was for you.

  3. Ha! My guess was sooooo wrong! I really like this. I think I would have gotten confused on the placement of the squares too. It's just one of those things that happens. I do that with my glass from time to time. I'll think I have it all figured out and then I get confused anyway. Very pretty bag. I love the color!

  4. I love your bag nice color's. Sometimes the simplest pattern can be more demanding then a complicated one.

  5. I like it!! Is there a pattern?.. or no pattern necessary? Just 3 squares as big as I want them? Really CUTE!! But, geeeee.. I'm still hoping to make the granny placemats! I'm so busy lately, I am STILL wondering if I should make my banana bread tonight, or in the morning.. Too hot during the day!.. and then I want to make cookies too! I'm still trying to shake that same cold/allergy (whichever it is!) And right now, when I can fit it in, I am trying to work on ONE of my afghans!.. It's slow, but it's getting there! I'm just having the hardest time keeping the cat OFF of it as I'm working on it! (0; Do your furbabies do that too?.. Well, have a good night! ~tina


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