Sunday, August 02, 2009

Welcome to this episode of Pet Emergency!

I was refilling my prescription medicine dispenser this morning -- you know, it's that plastic thing with Monday thru Friday on it so that old people, i.e. me, can remember if they've taken their pills each day.

I spilled a particular bottle full of capsules on the kitchen floor and they scattered about. Of course, before I could gather them all up, I turned around just in time to see Eli chewing one up and swallowing it. GAH!

"THAT WILL KILL HIM!" I yelled. "Catch him!"

Much running and chasing and yelling ensued.

Barnaby finally caught him and we stood there blankly staring at each other wondering what to do now that we'd captured him.

I quickly ran to my computer and Googled "Poison Control for Dogs." I called the 800 number and got a series of prompts until a recording came on telling me they wanted to charge $60 on a credit card to continue the call. "You BASTARDS!" I screamed and slammed down the phone.

I then Googled "How to make your dog vomit." A number of sites recommended that you use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. In Eli's case, 1 capful to be repeated in 5 minutes if vomiting does not begin.

I shot the recommended amount down his throat with a syringe. (I always have a syringe handy to administer liquid medicines to my dogs.) We secluded him from the other dogs and sat with him on the bathroom floor. Much tummy rumbling could be heard, but no vomiting occured.

Another dose was administered, and within 1 minute, he began that heaving thing that dogs do just before they vomit. He threw up three piles of vomit which included the contents of the capsule.

Whew! It worked! Trajedy averted.

"I don't feel good, Momma."

If I was a really good blogger friend, I would have taken pictures during the process. I'm sorry I have no vomit pictures for you.

Ah well, maybe next time.


  1. No vomit pictures necessary. The heaving part was quite enough for me, thank you. Poor baby. (Or babies including all three of you.)

  2. good info for those of us with
    fuzzy friends.....hope Eli is feeling better....our Spanky will
    scoop up anything he hears hit the
    floor and boy is he fast.....

  3. Oh Pammy Sue, I bet that was scary!!! I would be so scared if Sissy ever got one of my pills or vitamins. Thanks for letting me know what I would need in case that happens. Hydrogen Peroxide & a syringe... Eli looks so sick...poor guy.

    Gotta laugh at your comment on the OLD PEOPLE Pill Dispenser... LOL

    Hope Eli is better... :-)
    ~ Susan

  4. Gee...I didn't know how to make a dog vomit. Thanks for the info. I hope I never have to use it though. Glad Eli is okay...that was an "edge of my seat" blog you wrote!

  5. I am so happy that you where able to help Eli through that terrible time I know that had to be scary. I can't believe that they where going to charge you to save your baby. He will need extra hugs for sure.

  6. Oh my gosh.. I'm gone a couple of days... Poor little Eli-Fancy-Pants! I'm sorry he went through such a rough time, poor little guy! I am going to look this up though, to see how much I would have to give my own dog, who is more a medium sized dog. I'm so glad he was o.k.!


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