Saturday, August 01, 2009

Below is a link with a free Rectangle Granny Pattern like the one I used for the placemats I made. I didn't use this site, but the pattern is exactly the same. The one I have is copyrighted so I'm not suppose to share it. I wouldn't want to get thrown in the slammer.

Rectangle Granny Pattern


  1. Pam, I got the pattern finally and made a copy for me. I want you to have the original so I put it in the mail to you today. Hopefully you will get it Monday or Tuesday. I don't think the yarn I purchased will work at all. It's too thick, I think, so I am going to try and find something else.

    Thanks for the rectangle granny pattern link. I have some baby yarn and need to crochet a blanket up for charity. This will be perfect.

  2. Your placemats are waaaay prettier than the one in the link.


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