Saturday, August 08, 2009

Beau Rose Fleurs!

I suddenly speak French since I saw that movie yesterday. Weird.

My Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom. Aren't they beautiful? This is just one of them in the front yard. I have two in the front yard and one giant one in the backyard that are all this same color. I have a Dwarf Crepe Myrtle in the sideyard that is purple.

If you look closely, you can see Abby in that last picture, top-center. I didn't know I had captured her in this picture, and I have no idea why she is in the street.
I love my Crepe Myrtles almost as much as my Rosemary.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful miss not having a garden living in an apartment. At least I can appreciate beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love Crepe Myrtles too. Remember Granny B always had them?
    We have quite a few out here that the landscapers have trained into "trees". I think they look really cool as trees.

  3. OMGosh! These are so beautiful. Crepe Myrtles huh? I wonder if they grow well here in Indy? So pretty!

  4. Such BEAUTIFUL Flowers!!!

    And yes, I see Abby.


  5. Those crepe myrtles are beautiful... I don't think they grow up here in the North. I have
    seen them NC though...gets to frigid up here....boy they are really pretty.


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