Tuesday, July 28, 2009

White Trash Dinner

Weiners & Sauerkraut. And...

Ranch-Style Beans!

Am I a gourmet cook or what?? It hit the spot though. And the Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert was good too.

Out of pure bordom I started crocheting some placemats yesterday. We've started eating dinner at the dining room table instead of in front of the TV with TV trays. I didn't want to keep a tablecloth on the table, so I had placemats on the list of things to get at Wal-Mart. I decided I could whip some up pretty quickly instead using a rectangular granny afghan pattern.

Let's see...what else?

Oh, I somehow broke a tooth and/or lost a hunk of filling out of one of my back toofies. I refuse to go to the dentist until it hurts and I can't stand it any longer. Who wants to drop $1,000 on a dumb tooth? Not me! And that's what it'll end up costing (at least) once he tells me I need a root canal, all of that filling replaced, and a crown. Dental insurance sucks. Boo! I swear, I'm getting dentures some day so I don't have to deal with it anymore.

I'm sleepy. (I know you're surprised about that.) I swear I was semi-concious all night. Since I didn't do much work yesterday (okay, none), I worked from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm. Then I had to wind down and read my Star magazine before I turned out the lights. It was after 12:30 before I went to semi-sleep. That's what I get for messing up my semi-schedule. Do you semi-understand? Heh.

Okay, bye.


  1. Beans AND cabbage? Where's the Bean-O????

  2. Hey that sounds like a great dinner no fuss no mess. The pie had to be the highlight of the meal one of my favorite pies. Sorry to hear about broken tooth that is the problem with insurance it does not cover dental. Hope you staying cool with this heat and humidity.

  3. Ha Ha Love the Kraut!!! Oh dear Pammy, it is so hot up here, I got bit by some insect on Antelope Island in Utah, and was deathly sick for days. The bite still looks just nasty. Washington isn't all its cracked up to be, The heat, humidity and smog, stupid hard hat, stupid steel toes, stupid men.......

    Send Lemon pie Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!

  4. Oh man! I never get kraut anymore. Big Daddy hates it, so I don't fix it just for me.
    Hey, placemats are a great idea!

  5. Are we invited to supper tonight? Your making me hungry... :-)

    Someone mentioned Bean-o...LOL



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