Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Wednesday Tale

Sit down over here and let me tell you what happened this morning. Do you have your coffee? Okay, good.

So I'm sitting here working away and the doorbell rings. It's FedEx delivering a package. It's Barnaby's latest poker chips (he collects them). So I fight off the dogs and finally get the door open and bring the box inside.

I'm back working away at my computer and the doorbell rings AGAIN. It's another delivery, but this time it's our new remote. We had to order one from DirecTV because Eli chewed up the other one. (Damn dogs!) I fight off the dogs again, finally get the door open and retrieve the box and bring it inside.

Again, I go back to my work. (It's amazing I get any work done at all, right?) And about 30 minutes later, something catches my eye outside the window and I look up. (I'm keeping a lookout for burglars since my neighbors got their house broken into, a la Gladys Kravitz.) (I just love these little parentheses, don't I?)

ANYWAY, I look out the window and see a boy across the street walking with his dog. I think to myself, "He's got a little Papillon! Cool!" And then I say out-loud, "Hey! That's MY Papillon!"

Unbeknownst to me, Eli had run out the door one of those times I opened it to retrieve a package. The little shit. Thank goodness he wasn't in Fort Worth by now. Evidently he had been gallivanting around the neighborhood having a grand old time, and when he got tired, he got confused and was scratching on my next-door neighbor's front door. The little neighbor boy (I can't believe I don't know his name) was trying to catch him, but Eli was having none of it.

So there you have it. That's my excitement for the day.

I just ate an entire bagel while writing this, and I don't even remember it! I hate that. I didn't even get to enjoy it, dammit.

Eli, aka "Little Shit"


  1. What heck of a way to start the day I am glad you got your Eli back there are so many would have scooped him up and kept him. The four legged kids can be just stinkers to get into what there not suppose to be in. I love your placemats love the color's you used. You need a break from all the excitment time for cup coffee and something sweet. Take care.

  2. Awww, Poor Little Eli. I bet he was scared. Glad you got him back & fast.
    I'm always worried about someone lifting a package right out of our mail. ( It's happened to neighbors.) Don't people know that it's a Ferderal Offense to even touch your mailbox?

    ~ Susan

  3. Oh Pam, I laughed right out loud while reading your post. I bet you were shocked to see your "Little Shit" outside when you thought he was in the house with you. I'm so glad he made it home safely.

  4. OMG! Now that he has been out in the real world, he might try to excape every time! What a little snot! Give him a little love pat from his favorite Aunt.


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