Monday, July 13, 2009

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

Yuck! I'm ripping this out and making something else. I hate it. I also screwed up somehow because some of the points have more stitches than others and it's wonky. What good is a star afghan anyway? Seems to me you'd have a hard time covering yourself up with it. Stupid star.

Now I have to go find something else to waste my time on. I'm just not into the pineapple tablecloth at the moment. I think I'll go look at other people's pineapple tableclothes and see if that will motivate me. Maybe I'll find a pattern I like better than the one I'll have to alter. It's still going to be RED though.


  1. You could make strips of bacon. I swear to God, there was a girl on Etsy selling bacon strips made out of crochetted yarn. She was SELLING them too!! It was hilarious. I think they were 50-cents a strip. ha!

  2. That is so seventies!
    You are funny.
    Hey Pam by the way! I have one of your cozies at work and my office mate AJ loves using it. It keeps the drinks from sweating and getting the desk wet!
    I think you should sell these! Especially since I know a 29 yr old Resvr Air Force gentleman that likes them. (I think he said, "That's Sweet!")


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