Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ewwww! I hate THESE!

But nothing can fill me with horror more than THESE! When I was little my big sisters used to torture me with scary stories about men with them. And I'd never know when they'd jump out of a closet with a wire hanger sticking out of their shirt sleeve yelling, "Hook Arm! Hook Arm!" and chasing me around the house. God, it was horrifying! To this day, I cannot see one without my heart racing and nearly screaming and running.

This is me playing with my hair today:

My hair was wet, not dirty...just in case you're wondering. It turned out pretty good though, I think:

I didn't use the flash in this last picture. That's why my hair looks darker (better). It's growing really fast, isn't it? I hardly ever wear it down like this because it'll start bugging the crap out of me within an hour. I almost always wear it up. It looks much better when you roll it first before sticking it up in a clippy thingie though, and it stays put easier too.


Okay, I'm hiding this little newsflash down deep into this entry because I'm not even sure I want to share it. But here goes...

I ordered Nutrisystem yesterday. It says it takes 4-10 days to receive your first shipment of food, so I have to wait until I receive it to begin. They sent an email this morning saying it had been shipped. So here I go on another diet. I had to do SOMETHING. My ass is exploding at an alarming rate. I figure if I start it August 1st, I'll be much much thinner come New Year's Day. I always get very depressed about my weight on that day. It just seems like every single New Year's Day, there I am vowing to lose weight yet again. Ugh.

So I'm all fired up and ready to go whenever it gets here. I will follow it to the letter and lose the weight AGAIN. I'm really so very good at that once I make up my mind. I'm just not so good at maintaining it once I get where I want to be.

I haven't decided if or how much I'm going to talk about it here. We'll see. I will at least be posting my weightloss each week.


I'm ripping out what I've done so far on that red pineapple tablecloth and starting over. I found a pattern I like better. No commitment on when I'll start it yet. I still have a shawl to make that I haven't even started yet.

Random thought: I need to paint my toenails and spray a fake tan on my legs.

I'm about to go into the kitchen and fry up some hamburger meat with taco seasoning. I'm going to make some queso with meat in it. We had some at Cheddar's restaurant last weekend, and Barnaby asked me to make it. Guess I'd better do it now because I'm not going to be doing much cooking or baking while I'm on Nutrisystem. Barnaby says he's just going to eat sandwiches. He goes out for lunch nearly every day during the work week anyway. Don't be feeling too sorry for him!

Speaking of Barnaby, his birthday is Saturday. I've got to figure out what I'm going to get him. If y'all have any good ideas for man presents, let me know. It's so hard to buy for a man, isn't it?


  1. Hi Pammy Sue!

    I think my husbands favorite birthday present from me was a Bass Pro Shop Gift Card. Go Figure...

    ~ Susan

  2. One of my customers is on Nutrisystem and he's lost alot of weight...and get this...he's never been on a diet before. He's an old guy too. Sheesh!

    You could crochet Barnaby some poker chip warmers...tee hee!

    I'm sorry about the hook-arm terrorizing when we were kids. I didn't know I was ruining you!

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    your hair looks great. BP

  4. How about a gift card for his favorite hobby? Then he can buy what he wants and take some stress off from you. Men are hard to buy for at times the nice part gift cards for hobby or restaurants always seem to please them. Just a thought.


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