Thursday, July 09, 2009

Product Review & Some Squares

I made these two squares yesterday evening. I still couldn't decide what big project I wanted to do next, so I just did some squares. I do a couple of squares every now and then and throw them in a box. Some day I'll have enough for a scrappy blanket. I hated the colors I chose, but I just wanted to use up some of the yarn I had. Now that I've made them, I kinda like them! I can probably get at least four more with this color combination. Both patterns came out of a Leisure Arts book, "99 Granny Squares," square #12 and #14.

I had to go pick up a prescription at CVS yesterday, so I did some shopping while I was there. The main thing I wanted to show you was the make-up, but that's the one thing that doesn't show up well in the picture. But here's my product review anyway:

It's Neutrogena Healthy Skin cream powder make-up. I have very fair skin and got the next-to-the-lightest color, Blushing Ivory, and it's perfect. I was afraid the lightest one would look too chalky. I used it this morning and like it a lot. It goes on like a cream with a sponge that comes with it, and then it turns powdery. It was $11.99 at CVS. It's probably cheaper at Wal-Mart.

Then you can see a couple of hair clip thingies, a make-up bag, and some Deluxe Mixed Nuts. I love Deluxe Mixed Nuts. Yum. I just can't buy them all the time because I have no self-control when eating them.

Boon Pappy sent me THIS LINK yesterday. I'm making the chicken for Noni's Chicken & Dumplings as we speak. I know it's more cold weather food, but it sounds so good to me right now. I can't wait for supper tonight. I'll get pictures of the finished dish and let you know how it was. It looks like it's going to make a bunch so come on over. I'll set a place for you. Dinner is at 5:45. Come early and we'll chat while I make the dumplings.

Actually, you can chat and I'll just mostly listen. My voice isn't happy right now. As the Botox is wearing off and I'm getting my voice back more and more, I'm starting to get the spasms again. They're not as bad or painful because the muscle just isn't that strong yet, but they're there and make it uncomfortable, if not impossible, to have a conversation for longer than five minutes. I keep getting choked on my own saliva (sorry), and that makes me cough, and that inflames my vocal cords & those now itty-bitty granulomas. I'll probably end up going to get another round of Botox to give my cords a longer rest. I'm going to wait a few more days and see if it gets any worse or any better before I call the doc and see what he says.

If it was free, I wouldn't hesitate to run get it done pronto. But it costs me a pretty penny, even after the insurance, for the surgery center costs, procedure costs, anesthesia, etc. Do you know that every time he uses that scope to see my vocal cords it costs $925? My insurance pays most of that cost, but still. It takes less than one minute! That's outrageous! No wonder we have a healthcare crisis in this country. it's not the healthcare coverage that they should be focusing on; it's the outrageous medical costs. Don't get me started.

Y'all have a good one. Bye.


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    that Boon Pappy is one nice dude. BP

  2. Hey I really like those squares you made. I like the color combos and the design.

    Mmmmmm....I LOVE chicken & dumplings and I will make it at the height of Summer if I have a craving for it.

    Sorry about your vocal get that taken care of so those granulomas will keep shrinking! Love ya!

  3. Hi Pam!

    Thanks for linking to my blog- I appreciate it! And I have to tell you, that chicken and dumplin's is one of my most prized recipes on my site and it's utterly delicious. I do sincerely hope you like it.



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