Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marty the Mockingbird

This is Marty the Mockingbird. He hangs out in our backyard. His only purpose in life is to terrorize Fletcher. He looks harmless, doesn't he?

Can you see him in the above picture sitting on the lamp post on our porch? His mouth is hanging open, I'm guessing because it's 104 degrees and he's hot. He's extra hot because he's been repeatedly dive-bombing poor little Fletcher and tagging him in the ass. He doesn't do this to any other of our dogs except Fletch. It's the weirdest thing that Fletch just totally ignores him like it's not happening. You'd think he'd at least flinch or snap at Marty, but no.

I tried my best to get an action picture of it happening, but I failed and then I gave up because it's too hot outside to stand there waiting for the perfect shot.

A potholder I made yesterday. This is not how it's supposed to look. I ended up having to make it up towards the outer edges because I couldn't figure it out. Those lines are suppose to taper back down in making the petals of a flower. Now it's just a ...uh, it's a um, it's a pizza? Wheel of cheese? Whirly-bird doo-dad thingy? Crop circle?



  1. There is probably a bird nest near by that is why he is dive bombing Fletcher we had birds like that when I lived in the country and the neighbor's cat used to get the brunt of the attack once in a while they go after humans when you get to close to there homes. Love the pot holder could be a sliced tomato with curly edge.

  2. Poor Fletcher. Made me laugh. eminded me of "Failure to Launch" where Zooey Deschanel & her date, shoot a mockingbird w/ a bebe gun then they give it mouth to beak recesatation. hilarious!

  3. Whatever your potholder was SUPPOSED to look like??... I think it looks VERY pretty just the way it is!


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