Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hi Everybody!

Is that an enthusiastic title or what?

I spent the morning printing out some new crochet hotpad and potholder patterns from the Internet. I think I'm going to make some over the next few days. I started crocheting on my pineapple tablecloth yesterday and used up the last of my red thread. When I attached the other ball of thread I had, I discovered that it wasn't the same size. Barnaby made a run up to Hobby Lobby last night to get me four more balls, but they didn't have any red in that size. DAMMIT! Now I'll have to make a trip up the freeway to Michaels or JoAnn's, and I don't want to leave the house. You know how I am.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm FAT? Ugh. I refuse to weigh anymore. I'm serious, y'all. I'd tell you how much weight I've gained over the last year, but you wouldn't believe me. It's probably more than 5 sacks of potatoes! Okay, 6! I'm not telling you what size sacks though. You can just guess. Then you'll be wrong and have to go up a size. That's right! I told you I'm FAT!

Being overweight like this makes it even more difficult for me to leave the house or socialize. In fact, I refuse to socialize with anyone other than family. It's just too hard for me and I'd freak out.

Speaking of freaking out...have y'all been watching that new show on A&E called Obsessed? It's an hour-long show that comes on Monday nights at 9pm Central Time. Each week two different people are featured that have some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and/or phobia. I love it! Check it out. Maybe I'll be featured on there some day. (Like that's something to be proud of...NOT)

We are keeping Mojo (our neighbor's boxer that looks just like Abbey) at our house until next Monday. Barnaby told me to ask our neighbor if he could go stay at their house while they're gone and we have SIX dogs over here. Hee-hee. He looked around last night at all of them standing in a group and said, "This is absolutely ridiculous!" Crazy Dog Lady (that would be me) thinks it's kind of fun though.


  1. Pammy Sue!

    Your Papillon is just adorable!!! How old is she?

    I love little dogs, so when I saw your blog, I fell in love... Someone who loves animals and crochet BOTH!!!


  2. "Hi Everybody!" is as lame as my "Whats Up" this week! I love that about you. I get you and you always make me laugh!
    I cried last night because I can't fit into my pants, thank God I realized that the one pair were not mine but my skinny daughter's! I have never had this weight, and the crazy thing is IM ALWAYS HUNGRY NOW! Gheez!
    PS.. Crazy Dog Lady, my husband would get along with Barnaby, I hear that all the time about the crazy animals (three dogs, two cats). But, he appreciated how they make me happy!


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