Sunday, July 12, 2009

Funny dog toy with pretty white teeth just like Fletcher.

A new batch of Barbara's banana bread. It's amazing what you get when you follow the directions. I made one with pecans and one without. Surprisingly, I liked the one without the best, and I love pecans. Hmm.

Tip of the Day: Buy a magnetic paperclip dispenser at Walmart for $1.49 and keep your bobby pins in it instead! Fantastic idea that I saw in a magazine recently.

Who knows what this is? Whatever you said, it's wrong, wrong, wrong! This is Fletcher and Eli's favorite toy! It's an old sundress that I cut the straps off of and cut the back out of to use as a pillow cover. After I cut it up, Eli stole it and ran off with it so I just let him have it. They absolutely love it and drag it around everywhere. It's weird that they don't tear it up because they tear everything else up they play with. How long ago was it that I made that pillow? Maybe five or six months? Remember this?

The back of it has the sundress material with the crochet edges and little buttons.

This picture of Little Boy is on my refrigerator. I always stop and stare at it. He was so cute. Those gorgeous lilacs were in my mom's backyard in Oklahoma.


Barnaby is grilling hamburgers outside as I type this. He's bugging me to cut up some onion and tomatoes so I guess I'd better run.

We're having a fun weekend. Hope yours is good too. Bye.


  1. That blue dog it long and has a squeaker in it? If so, we bought one for our dogs and they chewed and chewed and chewed on it....until they got the squeaker out of it...then they wouldn't touch it! They didn't like to chew on it to make it squeak...they were just trying to get the squeaker out. Dogs are weird.

  2. Pam, there are so many things to comment on that I don't know where to begin. Love the fridge picture of Little Boy. Those lilacs are amazing. I can almost smell the banana bread and will now crave it for the next week or so until I finally make some. I love the idea about putting bobby pins in a paperclip holder (but don't ever use bobby pins). And think that little dog toy is just the cutest. Now, about the sundress your dogs are dragging around? Too funny.

    I'm so glad you're having a nice weekend. Tell Barnaby to put another burger on the grill -- I'll be right over!

  3. That toothy dog toy cracks me up. I'd like to have one just so it would make me smile. The bobbypin dispenser is a fantastic and totally genious idea. I'm doing it!

  4. We have that dog toy in Yellow right now. The pink & blue ones got eaten. The yellow looks ragged & needs to be thrown back in the wash. Ha Ha!
    I also have that same paper clip holder on my desk.
    I love the picture of Little Boy. He is so precious. I keep a picture of our dear Eastwood (yellow cat that past a couple of years ago) also on the frige. In fact, come to think of it, I have pictures of lots of pets that have passed around the house! They are always in my heart.
    Glad you had a fun weekend.

  5. That must have been some coffee that you got all this done today does it have more caffine than regular? I know that I tried a cup of expresso coffee once and I probaly could have run a marathon. It had a kick to it. Love your banana bread now need a slice cake and cup of that would be heaven right now. Love the pillow color's very pretty.

  6. ps.. I bought Bandit a BIG blue one & Cakota a tiny green one. Bandit has already ripped its face off, removed the squeeker and half the stuffing. Dakota is driving everyone nuts squeeking his! (Riley got a big bone).


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