Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cocobay Shawl

Pattern by Doris Chan

I finally finished this shawl tonight! I had to rip out two rows earlier today because I screwed it up. This one seemed to take longer than the cream colored one for some reason. It is a little bigger, but not much.

For this one I used Caron Spa yarn in Ocean Spray and Rose Blush for the contrasting colors. The main color is taupe, but I couldn't find the Caron Spa in that color, so I had to use a substitute. I chose to use Hobby Lobby's I love This Cotton in Taupe. Because of the change in yarn, this one doesn't hang as beautifully as the other one, but it's still really pretty. The cotton yarn is heavier and thicker than the Caron Spa.

Changes I made to the pattern: I made it shorter than the pattern because I really liked the length of the All Shawl that I made previously. I added another panel making it wider, and I also changed the last row of the edging the same as I did for the All Shawl.


  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always.

  2. Anonymous2:45 AM

    the name made laugh outloud. CCBP

  3. Beautiful work as always love the colors too.

  4. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I really love the edge on this one too!

  5. pretty, love these colors together....I bet you
    just look lovely in do such a nice job with your projects.. hope all is well with you...

  6. Beautiful job on this! Love the colors too! (I'm hoping Mr. Man is feeling better?) Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!


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