Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"The Coolest Cat in Town"

Y'all know I love the Pink Panther, don't you? In fact, my first tattoo was the head of the Pink Panther about the size of a silver dollar on my lower-left abdomen. He's cute! My dermatologist had a fit over it when he was inspecting me for abnormal moles and asked me if I minded if he showed it to his nurse. I found this book today at Half-Price books. I haven't even cracked it open yet, but hopefully there are some good pictures of him inside...just in case I want to get another one some day.

Barb asked about the color of my hair today so I decided to take a picture of it. I wanted y'all to see how much it's grown too. It's long enough to put up in a clippy thing finally. Sorry, but that's the best picture I got stretching my arm behind me to take the picture myself.

The doctor didn't seem concerned about the pain I'm having in my neck. He says it sounds more like a muscle thing than a disk thing. (He said it more formally than that. That's just my translation.) I'll be going to physical therapy for four weeks. Oh, the joy. At least it's really close to my house. I'm pretty sure I can get there in 5 minutes.

I decided to finish the Seraphina shawl before I start anything else new. I really don't like it because I don't have a clue what I'm doing. It's not a comfortable pattern at all, and my brain just doesn't get it. That makes it hard work instead of relaxing, rhythmic meditation. Man, I sounded like a really groovy hippie (hippy?) just then.

That's all. Bye.



    Ya gotta check out the above bag.

    I got to thinking about your neck. You know, when they put something down your throat they have to really stretch your neck by putting your head way back, etc. I had a horrible time with my neck after my thyroid surgery and the doctor said that was why. Maybe that's why for you too.

  2. Oh wow a tattoo??

    Okay love the hair, now I want to see the tatoo.... that is so cool...

  3. ya dirty hippie!


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