Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Bordom Has Set In

My Precious Little Sammi

I'm here, but I really don't have anything remotely interesting to say, but do I ever really? I'm bored, and I can't get excited about crocheting anything. It's too early to cook, but I am making sausage, beans, and rice for dinner. Barnaby has been bugging me to make it so today's the day.

I've already gone to the bank and post office. On my way home I went to Target to pick up a few things on the grocery side. The only other thing I got was a laundry hamper because ours is falling apart.

And here's a picture of it. Take it slowly, people. Too much excitement all at once isn't good for you.

And finally...

I made homemade rolls Saturday and we made little ham sandwiches. Of course, I had a couple with butter and honey because, well, you just have to when you make homemade rolls. It's a rule or the law or something.

I sorted and cleaned out my stash of yarn yesterday. I have three huge Rubbermaid boxes that I keep under my bed and they are all filled with yarn. I guess I'll go in there and stare at it and see if anything strikes my fancy. Okay, I'm lying. I'm not going in there and pull out all that yarn again. I already know I don't want to crochet. Maybe I'll make a cake. Nah, I don't want to mess up the kitchen. I don't even want to surf the innernets either. What's the matter with me? I hate days like this because the one thing I do want to do is EAT. Ugh.

Does anybody want to come over? We can do nothing together. Maybe drink some iced tea and rock in the rocking chairs on my back porch in our pretty sundresses and bare feet? (Unless you're a guy. Then the sundress part would just be weird.) If it gets too hot, we can turn on the sprinkler and run through it. And then we can braid each other's hair and let it dry in the sun, and then we'd take it down and have crimpy hair the rest of the day. Doesn't that sound like fun?


  1. I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sundress is in the laundry -- can I wear my Daisy Dukes? ROFL!!

  3. You are such a freak! That is why I love you. Did you seriously put a pic up of your new laundry hamper?? GAWD... you kill me.

  4. Hey the hamper would make a nice yarn stash holder. I get in those funky moods too but cheer up have a glass of ice tea and chill out. Sausages hmm the does sound good too love them with onions and peppers tomato sauce. I can go for an ice coffee right now. You have such precious dogs. Love your idea of pot pie I was thinking biscuits on top would be good too. I hate when I get the munchies and you never seem to find what you want.

  5. Yum...the rolls look great! I'd come over if it wasn't going to take until the sun goes down to get there! Ha!

  6. Any rolls left for me? they look
    yummy......I hate when I have those
    kind of days, when I don't know what I want to do...but want to do
    something.....hope today is better
    s a HUG for you......

  7. I wanna come too!


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