Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Poem

I bet you think I wrote a poem, don't you?


One of my big sisters is very involved in a "Military Brat" group. She wrote this poem and got it published on their website, Military Brat Life. I just love it! And if you are a military brat like we were, you'll definitely relate to her poem.

I love you, Patsy, and I'm so proud of you!

(The official flower of the Military Brat)

Dandelion you’re like me
Set adrift to ride the breeze
Drifting here and settling there
To grow as if you have no care
Only those like you will know
The sudden rush to rise and go
On any current you will flow
On any weathered wind you’ll blow
In any sea, on any tide
On any ground, you will abide
And you never do decide
Just where you’ll go, or how you’ll ride
Around the world, among all kinds
Flying with no tie that binds
Always leaving friends behind
Trying not to show you mind
Dandelion I’m like you!
Of my future, I’ve no clue!
I put down roots that have no glue
So I’ll move to somewhere new.

~ Patti Neal Cadwallader 2009

(This poem was published here without permission, but maybe my own sister won't sue me! If you want to post it somewhere though, I suggest you ask her first! Copyright laws demand it. You can reach her through the Military Brats Website linked above. All Rights Reserved.)


  1. Your sister is very talented, no wonder you won't trade her.

    I haven't posted because I have been doing something very important. It has to do with, well, something, or is it someone very important. It's supposed to be a surprise. See aren't you glad you gave me your address ?

    Ha Ha


  2. Thank you for sharing my poem sister! That is so sweet of you and it just made my day.

  3. Thank you for sharing her poem it is beautiful being an Amry Brat I can relate to it too.


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