Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mr. Man is Sick

My little Fetchie has been under the weather all week. The first three days he had a bright red, itchy rash all on his under-belly and legs. He was miserable with the itching. I gave him liquid children's Benadryl every four to six hours for those first two days and that helped him. He was all drowzy and loopy though.

The rash was better as of redness or itchiness, but he woke up this morning sick at his stomach. He was shaking like he was nervous, which he never does, so I got up and let him outside. He immediately began ripping up grass and eating it. Before it could even get to his stomach, though, he was doing that heaving thing that dogs do and throwing up foam. Poor baby. He's been okay the second half of today and even ate his 3:00 meal. Maybe he's getting over whatever it is that's been ailing him. I hope so.


  1. Sorry to hear your doggie was sick glad he is getting better. Sometimes they eat something that does not agree with them they will eat grass to bring it up. Rash could come from any thing allegies to something outside.

  2. sorry for fur nephew! Do you think that medicine made him sick to his stomach? I wonder what made him rashy...

  3. So sorry your little guy isn't feeling well. I hate rashes, they could be caused by anything. My brother's dog got a horrible rash. It ended up being from a dollar store brand of carpet fresh.

  4. Prayers to your Fletcher. my Riley has a nasty rash on her belly too (well, the crack between her two fat bellies). I am gonna have to put her on a diet.


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