Thursday, June 18, 2009

Filigree Shawl

I finished this shawl last night at 9:00. The edging took me much longer than I anticipated because I decided to go with a frilly one. This shawl just started out being something simple and easy to get me out of the rut I was in, but I fell in love with it while crocheting it and wanted a really nice edging for it.

This is called a Filigree Shawl and you can find the pattern HERE. I don't know why it's called's not my idea of filigree, but whatever. I guess when I write a pattern I can call it whatever I want to too. I've also seen patterns for shawls like this called Half-Granny Square Shawls. After the first two rows, I was off and running without the pattern. It was perfect for a mindless project. You can't see it very well, but that green color is flecked with different colors.

I just thought this picture was cool so I included it too. You can see the flecks a little better in this one. I used Hobby Lobby's ILTY in Dark Country Blue (18 oz), and Red Heart SS in Frosty Green Fleck (6 oz) and J hook.

I'm off to drink coffee and look for my next project.


  1. Nice job!! I love it!

  2. That is really really pretty! I love the edge you put on. I can't figure out why that pattern is called filigree either so I guess it's just a big mystery. Now I'd like to see the pineapple shaw with this frilly edge on it. tee hee!

  3. Your shawls are beautiful I love the color and frilly edge.

  4. Oh Pammy that looks warm & snuggy. I like the ruffle. YOu are going to need a new closet just for your lovely shawls.


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