Friday, June 12, 2009

Eli's Hair

I posted new pictures of Sammi, Fletcher, and Eli in my sidebar.

And here's a picture of Eli where you can see his hair. He's starting to get his adult coat in finally. He's such a pretty boy. It'll probably be four to six months before it's in all the way, and maybe longer. His hair will be very long all over, and especially around and inside his ears. It will hang down over his ears looking like butterfly wings, hence the name of his breed, Papillon (Butterfly in French).

Below is a picture of a Papillon with his full adult coat completely grown in:

Eli is much prettier than this dog, don't you think? I like the sable tri-color much better than the black tri-color.


  1. I think Eli is cuter and is better looking than the other dog. Eli has such a sweet face and better coloring.

  2. Be sure and get some of that "swimmers ear" stuff for Eli's ears to keep him from getting ear infections. It'll save you a ton of money at the vet and save him from having ear aches. You'll have to use it every time you give him a bath to dry his ears out.

  3. They are both beautiful dogs, in fact all your dogs have such personality in their faces. Which project did you head to?


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